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, however, were incompatible. Cortana fixed that. She activated the seven service drones on the Gettysburg, andinstructed the Covenant EngineersERIC NYLUND209within the outer hull of Ascendant Justice to secure the docking points mating the two ships and adapt their power uplinks. The reason for this salvage operation, her pinpoint jump into the. debris field, and thehybrid docking it was all for power. Ascendant Isaca Certification Justice s cover had been blown the Covenant knew that their flagship was human controlled. That made their original plan of rendezvousing in orbit around Reachimpossi.ble. She could have jumped to that location and picked up the Chief, but then they would be stranded there while the Slipspace capacitors slowly recharged and inthe meantime they would be boxed in and obliterated by the Covenant armada. So she had to change tactics she d jump into the thick of a hostile and wary Covenantforce, CISM grab the Chief, and just as quickly jump out of the system. For that she d needpower to in.stantly recharge the Slipspace capacitors the kind of power only two ships could produce. The power uplinks CISM it exam connected. Gigawatts flowed from the Gettysburg s rea. ctor into Ascendant Justice s energy grid. Perfect, she purred. It was 0712 hours. She had less than three minutes to prepare for the next phase of her plan. Cortana checked and rechecked the calculations fo

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